Simplify your Seatime!

Simple Interface

Quickly view your accumulated seatime per position on this home screen. We've designed this app to be simple, yet very powerful.

Seatime Tracking Form

This form captures all the elements needed to report your seatime to the U.S.C.G. We've designed it so that it can pre-populate with default values that you can set up and maintain.

View Seatime

See a detailed list of your seatime using this report view. Individual seatime entries can be maintained by selecting any row.

Export Documents

Create a U.S.C.G. seatime letter and detailed report, then email so that it can be reviewed and endorsed by your supervisor. No more sifting through discharge paperwork or waiting on shoreside admin staff to get you your valuable seatime documents!


As an added feature, this app has a handy Reminder function. Keeping track of your expiration/renewal dates for your license, certificates or endorsements couldn't be easier with the Seapro Seatime App.

Help Where It's Needed

You'll find a helpful Quick Start Guide as well as other useful information included in the app.

The developers of this SeaTime App work in conjunction with the folks at who provide consulting services in all aspects of the USCG and STCW certification process.

Try the SeaPro Seatime App now!!